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RIO MF DIO also known as RIO DIO is a Rapper/ Singer/ Song Writer and Performer. Her rap style is lyrical with a gangster twist loaded with punch lines and catchy melodies. Some say she is blunt yet clever and not afraid to speak her mind. Her singing is sensual, seductive and chill. Even though her main is Rap, she says that she enjoys making r&b songs as well. 


RIO DIO started writing music at the age of 12. She grew up in Gardena, CA and put together her first album with her rap group in 2008 Master Control. The album was recorded but never published.  It consisted of 20 tracks with a very underground feel. The group went their separate ways with creatives but are still friends today.

Her influences are Notorious BIG, Tupac, Snoop Dog, Mack10, Ice Cube, Lauren Hill, Missy Elliott, Timbaland, Tribe Called Quest, Wu tang, The RZA and a few others. 

In 2015 she started a fitness clothing brand called "Frillwit". The name derived from her music. Sick wit it, Ill wit it, hence Frillwit it. Frillwit's core purpose was to be real with yourself and push through no matter what you do. RIO DIO wanted to cross the brand over with music so she started a Frillwit Mic Edition. In July 2018, she decided to go full time with her music and be the one representing that side of the brand. 


In March 2019, she released, The RIO DIO Ventilation Mixtape on Soundcloud. The mixtape consist of 10 songs with a couple of r&b interludes in between. She used many of her favorite beats like Drake's Non Stop, DJ Mustards's Pure Water and more. She also wrote a short verse for Double Up to tribute Nipsey Hussle.

RIO DIO is currently promoting her mixtape and working on an album called "The G String". Stay tuned. Follow RIO DIO's Instagram @angieonthereal

"Shooting metaphors straight jacket with a straight face!"

                                                             - RIO DIO